What You’ll Experience in the CATP™  2-Day Virtual Classroom:

Perfect for learners who prefer to learn in an interactive virtual classroom setting, the virtual 2-Day Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™) course is packed with engaging, high-energy learning concepts: 

  1. Ice-Breakers
  2. Polls/Surveys
  3. Engaging Conversations
  4. Break Out Rooms
  5. Café Style Virtual Group Workspace
  6. Role Plays
  7. Knowledge Check/Mini Quizzes
  8. And So much More!

Prior to the course start date, learners will be given access (via email) to the CATP™ learning environment where they are free to download their CATP™ participant guide to follow along with the instructor during their upcoming 2-Day virtual class.

*While the downloadable CATP ™ participant guide is optimal for course studying and/or future exam references, some learners may opt NOT to use their participant guide in course; choosing to follow the instructor’s presentation or take their own side notes instead.  All learners learn differently.

What We’ll Cover

  1. Introduction to Agile Transformation Services Market ( Includes 3 Lessons)
  2. Agile Mindset, Motivating vs. Mandating Change (Includes 3 Lessons)
  3. Leading People Through Agile Transformation (Includes 3 Lessons)
  4. Agile Coaching Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  5. Agile Consulting Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  6. Agile Facilitation Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  7. Agile Teaching Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  8. Agile Mentoring Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)

What You’ll Get:

  • 165-Pg. Downloadable Participant Workbook
  • Agile Transformation Tool Kit
  • Agility Styles Discovery Assessment
  • Instant Agility Styles Feedback Report
  • Quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Real World Scenario Based Group/Individual Exercises
  • 50-Question Exam
  • (CATP™) Official Certification

Course Requirements

Must successfully participate, engage and complete the BrandDisco accredited Agile Transformation Professional course taught by a BrandDisco Authorized Trainer. BrandDisco Authorized Trainers can withhold certifications based on lack of participation or understanding of course learning objectives.

*The CATP™ 2-Day Virtual Classroom w/ Instructor equates to 13 hours of CPD

Saturday, Jan 22nd – Sunday, Jan 23rd | 10am – 4pm ET