An Accredited Course Shaping The Future of Agile Transformation.

The Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™) course includes 8-interactive modules delivered through 24-video lessons covering leading concepts & techniques needed to succeed in Agile transformation.

The (CATP™) deep dives into the fundamentals of Agile Ways of Working and uses built-in discovery assessments, knowledge checks, discussion boxes, and a final exam to keep learners engaged and ensure proficiency.

Through this Agile Transformation learning journey, participants are introduced to top-industry concepts, tools & techniques needed to successfully lead others.

Complementary to all other Scrum Certifications, the CATP™ is designed to help strengthen learners’ knowledge in the Agile transformations space. 

Ideal for Agile Leaders, Coaches, Scrum Masters and/or Product Owners tasked with driving or supporting the Agile Transformation journey, the CATP™ comes with a downloadable tool kit to successfully apply the techniques & concepts needed in day to day practice.

The Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Market is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. and is predicted to be a multi-billion-dollar market by 2026 as organizations of every size, scale, and sector share a growing need to deliver products to customers faster.

This means those certified in Agile, will need to understand the many moving parts of Enterprise Agile Transformations, their role within this journey and the CATP™ is helping to make this possible. 

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  1. Introduction to Agile Transformation Services Market ( Includes 3 Lessons)
  2. Agile Mindset, Motivating vs. Mandating Change (Includes 3 Lessons)
  3. Leading People Through Agile Transformation (Includes 3 Lessons)
  4. Agile Coaching Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  5. Agile Consulting Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  6. Agile Facilitation Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  7. Agile Teaching Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)
  8. Agile Mentoring Techniques, Tools and Tips (Includes 3 Lessons)


The Agile Transformation Professional – CATP™ official exam, is a 50-question exam which measures basic Agile Transformation comprehension and leadership techniques to align learning objectives to learning outcomes. Passing the official CATP™ exam with a score of 85% or above is required to earn the certification.


The Agile Transformation Professional Certification – CATP™ , is good for a lifetime in this version.

*Certification Cost is Included with Course Tuition. (The Certification is only available through the 2 Day or Self Paced Online CATP Course)

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