Become A Licensed Training Partner

CATP™️ Trainer Selection Process and Application

Step 1: Prerequisites

BrandDisco LLC is looking for people with deep experience as trainers or coaches, specifically in the Agile space. To apply as a CATP™️ candidate for the CATP™️ Licensed Trainers program, you must first: Have 3+ years experience in Agile and working with Agile Teams or equivalent.

During that time, you have:

  • Promoted an environment that embraces self-organization, an empirical mindset, and continuous improvement
  • Served the Development Team, Product Owner, and organization in many ways as a change agent or player coach.
  • Have provided classroom training and coaching to people using Scrum.
  • Have taken the CATP™️ Course and achieved at least a 96% score on the CATP™️ Exam.

Step 2: Submit Application

If you possess the qualifications we’re looking for and want to join an amazing community of innovative licensed trainers, we want to get to know you! Our application (below) gives you an opportunity to tell us about your experience and motivations for becoming a CATP™️ Trainer.

  • Please include on your application some challenges you’ve faced while working with or supporting teams and leaders and how you and your teams have dealt with them.
  • Applications will be reviewed, and follow-up conversations will be scheduled to determine next steps.
  • If you are invited to move to the next step, a passing score on the CATP™️ Exam and your 3- Year Licensing Fee will be required before joining a train-the-trainer course.

Step 3: Get Trained and Mentored

After completing steps 1, and 2, BrandDisco LLC, works with qualified candidates to find in-person or live virtual train-the-trainer (TTT) opportunities that fit their
  • BrandDisco LLC invites qualified trainer candidates to participate in a multi-day TTT learning and feedback opportunity.
  • All candidates are evaluated and given feedback. Instructor approval is required to continue the CATP™️ Trainer process.

Step 4: Begin Your Application: