Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Development Credits

Yes, Scrum Alliance allows its members to claim Scrum Education Units (SEU’s) by taking Agile/Scrum related training courses, webinars and more throughout the year. Taking & successfully passing the CATP™️ online course or 2-Day Virtual Classroom, would make you eligible to claim credits. Learn more about Scum Alliance’s SEU’s by clicking here.

We’re excited to report the  CATP™️ courses are actively undergoing Accreditation procedures.  This means participants who take this course may be eligible to use it as credits toward employer approved trainings, career advancement opportunities, learning and development goals, financial aid assistance, employer reimbursement and ensures the CATP™️ certification is seen as a globally recognized competitive professional designation.    [Read More Here]


Taking & passing this course allows you to compete for roles leading or supporting Agile Transformation efforts, understand Agile Transformation at a deeper level and lets employers know you are committed to growing your Agile career.

When You Become a Certified Agile Transformation Professional (CATP™) , You Will:

  • Learn To Lead Your Teams Through Agile Transformations With More Confidence!
  • Get Industry Leading Guidance That Allows You To Customize A Plan For Your Teams!
  • Know The Right Questions To Ask & What Early Factors To Consider!

The CATP™ course is ideal for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches already working in Agile cultures yet lack a fundamental understanding of the many moving parts of the Enterprise Agile Transformations Journey and the tools needed to support the people therein. The CATP™ is also a good start for independent (non-Agile) Consultants and Coaches interested in offering services within the Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Industry.


Yes, this course is 100% Self-Paced with no check-ins or follow-ups. Occasionally students desire to take this course remotely with an instructor and are able to do so by signing up here.

Yes, the CATP™ Course includes a 165-Pg. Downloadable Participant Guide and Pro Tool-Kit which will be accessible once payment is secured and at the start of Module 1.

Yes, the CATP™ Course is designed to accommodate the schedule of busy learners and as a result allows 60-Days of unlimited access from the start of initial enrollment. If more time is needed to complete the course, our tech team is happy to grant a 15-Day extension upon learner’s request at this email:

Yes, your account level access to the Agile Educate online learning platform will be continuous and ongoing so that learners may map out their next educational steps.

Yes, you will have 48-hour access to the CATP™ course itself to ensure you can print your certificate and download your participant guide if you have not done so. After 48-hours of successful course completion, access to the CATP™ will be closed. upon sign up. No monetary refunds are provided.


Virtual Credits and extensions may be provided on a case by case basis, vs. monetary refunds, since full CATP™ course access and exclusive materials are provided to learners upon sign up. Read our refund policy here


While we know that technology makes everything faster and sometimes better, it’s not always perfect and therefore have listed a summarized trouble shoot guide below.

  • Step 1: Reload/Refresh Your Screen. Video streaming and content downloading can cause hiccups at times, should this happen start by hitting refresh.
  • Step 2: Save and Restart your computer if needed.
  • Step 3: If all of the above steps have been attempted please email our helpdesk with a short description of your issue and contact number at and someone from our team will be happy to capture your issue and reach out via email.