Understanding Agile Basics

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As one of the fastest growing industries, the Agile Transformation Services market is currently on track to become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2026.

Did you know understanding Agile Basics opens the door to a universal language and can be your all-access-pass to some of the world’s top employers & higher pay? (i.e. PayPal, Netflix, Facebook, Pfizer, Starbucks, BMW, Google, etc.)

In today’s fast changing market, if you understand the fundamentals of Agile and what this means for leading enterprises, you can practically fast-track your way into any company of your choice.

While this offers promise for many organizations, it also speaks to new opportunities for many professionals looking to explore new career paths, or compete for higher paying roles.

In other words, this market demands Agile professionals who can speak to the big picture of Agile Basics at large and this is exactly what we cover in this video.

In This Video You Will Learn:

  • What Agile Transformation is and its top benefits to global enterprises (tech and non-tech)
  • The basics of an Agile Team & the foundational ceremonies which makes it unique
  • Agile’s History: Past, Present and Future

Whether you are totally new to Agile, or simply looking to advance your knowledge, Agile Basic skills are transferable across many roles, sectors and industries both tech and non-tech and are the gateway to a new world of possibilities.

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