Get 12-Game Changing Agile Mindset Tips & Techniques You Wish You Knew Earlier

When it comes to organizations transforming to Agile ways of working, there is still a ton of mystery around how to motivate people to adopt an Agile Mindset. One fails without the other. In this eBook, you will receive 12-game changing Agile Mindset readiness solutions in response to frustrated leaders dealing with resistant teams.

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About the Author

Dawn Nicole McIlwain , a top recommended and highly sought after Agile Coach, uses Agile principles and values to help organizations grow & succeed by empowering leaders and teams to be more adaptive, creative & resilient in their business growth strategies, decision making & product development. As a Certified Agile Coach with over 24 years in corporate leadership, Dawn Nicole and her team creates and delivers coaching programs, techniques & tools used by corporations, City Governments and U.S. Military Officials with a national footprint.