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Class Date: November 30, 2021 | 9:00am – 4:00pm EST

Get certified in Foundations of Agile Mindset Principles and help your organization create a thriving Agile Mindset culture. In this certified course, you’ll gain in-demand skills that will enable you to effectively kick-start your organization’s Agile Mindset journey. Learn game-changing Agile Mindset readiness principles, tools and techniques that are simple to apply, easy to scale & sustainably designed.

Learn How To:

  • Turn Agile Mindset conversations into actionable outcomes
  • Motivate the Agile Mindset in the most resistant teams
  • Create an Agile Mindset Readiness plan in 3-simple steps
  • Lead Agile Mindset group workshops with your team
  • Create easy to track Agile Mindset scorecards

When you enroll in the Foundations of Agile Mindset Principles Certified Training Course

You Will Get:

  •  Downloadable class participant guide &  handbook
  •  Agility Styles self-discovery assessment w/ instant feedback report
  • The Agile Mindset Readiness tool-kit complete with activity guides & workshop templates
  • FREE eBook (12-Game Changing Agile Mindset Tips & Techniques You Wish You Knew Earlier)
  • 30-Question Final-Exam
  • A Certification in Agile Mindset Principles, (CAMP®)

You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to  Agile Mindset Foundations exploring theories, trends & myths
  • 9-Agile Mindset Readiness Principles leading to foundational truths & universal understanding
  • How to kick-start an Agile Mindset Culture using a 3-step system
  • 5-Ways to measure Agile Mindset Success to create an Agile Mindset scorecard

After Completing This Course You Can:

  • Motivate Agile Mindsets in the most resistant individuals & teams
  • Increase the effectiveness of your Agile Transformation
  • Launch Enterprise-wide Agile readiness strategies at any phase
  • Lead Agile Mindset readiness group workshops with your teams
  • Create Agile Mindset success scorecards

About your course experience:

Perfect for the social-learner who likes to collaborate with new people in real time, Foundations of Agile Mindset Principles, is a 7-hour, virtual one-day course, filled with high-energy engagement in a fully immersive learning environment which promises an experience to remember. Instructor-led, with teamwork cafes, group activities and a post-class exam, Foundations of Agile Mindset Principles, covers the essentials needed to motivate, activate, and maintain a lasting Agile Mindset culture.

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