Agile Online Courses - Self Paced

We’re proud to offer an exciting catalog of agile centric online courses that are self paced, and simple to follow.

Carefully catered to fit the busy lifestyles of the modern learner, our specialty courses are formatted in an organized way that allows users to easily progress in their understanding of Agile principles and values, and embrace agile ways of working.

Online Courses For All Levels

  • Whether just starting in your Agile role, seeking to create a stand-out Agile brand, or succeed with Agile Concepts, our online courses are strategically designed to give you immediately effective and useable content that can be executed in practical ways.

Duration of Online Courses

  • Designed with the-busy-working-professional in mind, our online courses range from 20-minute introductory content, to 7-hour accredited agile courses. Each online course consists of a targeted curriculum and plan of study, organized units and actionable next steps.

Pick From Our Most Popular Online Courses

  • Select from our specialty list of popular online training categories conveniently itemized to match your desired learning goals!
  • From our Get Started category perfect for Agile Beginners, or our Stand-Out online course selections ideal for Agile advancement & to our Succeed in Agile offerings best suited for strengthening the interaction models between Agile teams.


See an online course that speaks to your needs? Simply select it, pay and go! Your learning experience begins when you’re ready and account level access to your courses is open for 90 days.

Get Started in Agile

Ideal for Agile Business & Tech Leads, Coaches, Scrum Masters and/or Product Owners tasked with driving or supporting Agile Transformation efforts. 

Ideal for Agile Business & Tech Leads, Coaches, Scrum Masters and/or Product Owners tasked with driving or supporting Agile Transformation efforts. 

This course is ideal for project professionals moving to Scrum Master roles, or new Scrum Masters, seeking to start strong.

Stand Out in Agile

Perfect for Scrum Masters moving to Agile Coach roles, or new Agile Coaches seeking to start strong, this course provides a depth of immediately usable substance, and industry techniques.

5-Powerful Discovery Questions Leaders Can Ask Their Team to Get Better Feedback. This helps leaders struggling with poor, disengaged, or lackluster feedback from their teams.

Perfect for new online course creators in the early stages of development. Learn how to develop, design, market & sell your online course today, in just 12 steps

Succeed in Agile

This course teaches leaders how to motivate, activate and maintain their team’s agile mindset long term. 

Perfect for new and evolving leaders and people manager roles, seeking more success in motivating their teams.

Online Course Features

Giving you an exceptional online course experience is our top-priority. To do so, we’ve added a few interactive features sure to hold your attention!

  • Built in discovery assessments
  • Instant feedback results
  • Built in mini quizzes
  • Real world case studies
  • Reference materials and supporting documentation
  • Final Exams (*accredited courses only)
  • Certification (*accredited courses only)