How To Motivate Your Team’s Agile Mindset


How To Motivate Your Team’s Agile Mindset is a 6-Module, 19-Lesson online course that teaches leaders how to motivate, activate and maintain their team’s agile mindset long term.

  • Leaders are exposed to Agile Mindset trends, common myths and popular theories before being introduced to 9-Agile Mindset Readiness Principles and terms designed to set the foundation for how they should approach agile mindset readiness efforts with their teams.
  • Included in the curriculum are brief engaging videos each under 10 minutes in length,  demonstrative simulations of instructional concepts to help reinforce each step, frequent knowledge checks, discussion analysis and a follow-along participant guide.
  • Complete with templates such as the Activate Mindset Map, a workshop guide leaders can use with their teams, an Agile Mindset Readiness Scorecard to set goals and measure the success of agile mindset readiness efforts, and a 1-pg. planning document to help actualize next steps around concepts and tools covered in this course.
  • At the conclusion of the course learners can: Create and launch agile mindset readiness efforts with their teams at any phase of agile transformation, Introduce Agile Mindset in a meaningful way, Measure their organization’s mindset agility, Conduct Agile Mindset Readiness Workshops and so much more!


Includes Templates: Activate Workshop Template, Agile Mindset Scorecard Template & Planning Template.


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