Why Agile Transformation

On this page you’ll find fast facts, compelling data, hot topics and great reads around Agile Transformation. So stay a while!

By now you might realize, the Enterprise Agile Transformation Services Market is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. as organizations of every size, scale and sector share a growing need to deliver products to customers faster, sleeker and smarter.

This means consultants, coaches and those certified in Agile, will need to understand the many moving parts of Enterprise Agile Transformations, their role within this journey and how to effectively lead and support their teams before, during and after Agile Transformation.

See below and learn more about the following hot topics including what doors can open up for you after you take the CATP course:
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How Participants who take the (CATP) course can open up the door to more opportunities.

Now that you spent 2-Days totally plugged into the CATP class, activities and exam content, you’re likely curious about what’s next & what opportunities lie ahead.

Beyond alerting everyone of your new CATP certificate, this quick sheet will break down a few next steps based on your current role or area of focus.

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As one who currently works in an organization responsible for the launch of Agile Teams, you might take what you learned & formulate an Agile Transformation Plan or Roadmap and interject newfound influence into the transformation efforts.

As one who currently supports Agile Teams, you might take a more active role in how you lead and support your teams as well as, how you can support needs at the program level. Inform your leaders of your NEW CATP & choose an area you feel comfortable assisting in. Volunteer to contribute in new ways.

As one who currently coach’s organizations & teams, you might take what you learned & strengthen your Agile Coaching Plan, Transformation roadmap or leverage new techniques. Determine where new opportunities can be added. (i.e. assessments, agile mindset pre-work mentorship plans, etc.)
As one who offers Agile services to organizations, you might take what you learned & determine which area (5-Hats) will be your specialty area of focus. From there determine your service offerings & pricing structure. You may find it useful to opt for a few consulting sessions with an expert to help you set up competitively if Agile is a new area of focus for you.
As an Agile Newcomer, you might start by determining if you are looking to work as an employee on a team in a role (i.e. Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, etc.) or if looking to work as an Independent Consultant who provides Agile services.  If looking to be hired on a team, your next step is to get your CSM or CSPO via Scrum Alliance or structure consulting services if seeking to be an independent. In either case what you learned is the first step, now you’ll need some experience. You may find it useful to opt for a few consulting sessions with an expert to help you find your new area of Agile focus and ways to gain experience.

As one who recently earned their CATP designation & passed the CATP course, you are exactly the best person to train future CATP participants. If you like training & are open to partnering through our licensed CATP Trainer program in your own company, let us know & we’ll schedule a follow up with you to share more! To submit your application to become a CATP Trainer, Click Here